Become An Intern

I get what it’s like to want to learn the most from an internship.
Get $500 For The Semester
10 Hours
Per Week

Most internships you are on your own doing boring grunt work!

You don’t get paid. Then you move onto your second required internship without much skills to apply to a marketing manager or social media assistant job once you graduate.

We do things differently…

You get paid $500 at the end of the semester.

During our internships you will master at least 1 skill in the areas of sales training, client services, follow up skills or one on one communication skills. During your 10 hours per week you’ll learn valuable skills you can’t just google or learn on a YouTube video.

You get a monthly ½ hour call with me.

Weekly challenges help you grow personally and get creative. Like updating your LinkedIn resume, watch The Social Dilemma and comment in Basecamp, read StoryBrand book then apply the weekly challenge to our current projects with active clients.

I pick four interns each semester.

Most internships you are on your own doing boring grunt work!

Social Media

- Lead Gen
- DM Strategy
- Facebook
- Instagram
- LinkedIn

Content Creation

- Video Editing
- YouTube
- Canva
- IG Posts
- Audiograms

Client Management

- Follow up
- Setting appointments
- CRM Skills and Tracking
- Client Tracking
- Hosting Events


- Research
- Planning
- Outreach
- Scheduling
- Promoting

Most internships you are on your own doing boring grunt work!

If it was fun and easy working together then we typically hire US students for California minimum wage and increase your pay at your 90-day performance evaluation. Show the team that you are responsible, efficient, and a self-starter then I’ll pay you more.
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